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In this peregrination, it is easier to piece the fouled ways of men together in a nation than construct a mountain of good from nature. 

Natured men, gentlemen of valour shall walk the path of justice and honesty, wholeheartedly, even if it’s thorny. 

Not looking for turns to hide from the tons of responsibility nature has hoisted on them. 

They are good hosts even when the hose is tightened.   

It is to no end when you shake the tree of their beliefs, believe it, they have made themselves into role models. 

For their contemporaries, and generations to come. 

They have taken roles no one moulded for them. 

Indeed, they have found their path. 

Indeed, they have found a path to greatness. 

To a cause greater than them, in stature and in passage of time.   

In the sands of time shall their names be written and written boldly. 

And their names shall be sounded across the world, in the valleys and up in the hills till the land is healed.   

23:01 is for the world. 

I am Your Sensei, #TheAATS, 230118

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